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Team ride this morning. Another horrible night's sleep thanks to my 15 year old's two friends who stayed over. Nothing like yelling "go the **** to bed!" at your own kid, out the window, at 3am.

Ride was fun though. I've really been working on sprint mechanics which don't come naturally to me. It's been paying off on the team rides where I've been cleaning up the sprints lately, much to the annoyance of our actual sprinter. I've gotten really good at getting inside his head, which doesn't have much application to racing but is sort of fun

Still working on getting things dialed in -- I have to figure out how to keep more weight over the front to keep the front wheel from skipping -- but it finally feels like some sort of penny has dropped. Power and speed are way improved from last year.

I've always thought I should be better at sprinting just based on body type so it's rewarding to improve. I'll never be a "sprinter" but it's nice to not feel like any race that comes down to a field sprint is a totally lost cause.
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