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Originally Posted by rpenmanparker View Post
That may be so, but I am not taking my eyes off any unrestricted dog that I am riding by. That would be really stupid.

Usss humansss do have a certain amount of peripheral vision. YES WE CAN! look down, past the dog, one yard to the left, or right, while still keeping the dog in sight.

@ OP: There are crazy people, and there are crazy animals. No sense in making a general fear because of one crazy dog.

Besides, dogs do sense fear. If you're scared, they are more likely to "get on top of you". Several posters mentioned looking down, not looking at the BEAST ARRR That's good advice. Head tucked in, a bit down, sholders up, back straight, hands by your sides. That says to the dog you respect him as an alpha, and boss of the area, but will defend yourself and are not scared.

Have the dog in your sight, but don't look at the eyes directly. Don't block it's path, standing directly facing it, in it's way.

Dismounting and walking can work often, though sometimes it's better to just RUN! Depending on the number of dogs, situation etc.

Bending down and pretending to lift a rock from the ground works very often where I live, since people do throw rocks at dogs.

If you often come across the same dog giving you problems, a piece of bacon goes a long way. Really.
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