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Originally Posted by DaleG85 View Post
Thanks guys,
I really appreciate the help/confusion haha.

That link to the guys who had tested in the wind tunnel was great.

Just a little about me....
I'm pretty new to this, below average in speed, heavier than most (105kg) and if we're putting me into a category I would be a sprinter. But I try to always try to buy quality/performance.

I train both indoors and outdoors. I think most of my racing would be outdoors and some in.

So options so far are (all new):
- Mavic Io and disk (most expensive)
- Zipp 404 / Super 9 ($200 less than mavic)
- Zipp 404 / 900 disk ($1200 less)

I was told go the 404 over the 808 because it was stiffer???
Zipp 808 Track is very stiff. I believe it's made using a different and/or thicker layup than the road one. The road 808 might seem mushy on the track. The road set is 18/24 spokes front/rear. Track is 20/24 front/rear. That alone will make for a relatively stiffer front wheel between the two.

I'm heavier than you and I've owned Io+Comete and Zipp 808 Track and the 808 track was just as stiff, even on indoor and outdoor 250M tracks (LA and Frisco). My times were the same using both sets.

404s are aero, but real gains will come when you get to 808s. So, between the two, get the 808s.

Have you seen this thread?:

Also, if you plan to run a disc, then really you are talking about 808 front disc rear vs Io front and disc rear. However, I do like the lenticular Mavic disc over the flat Zipp disc. My ideal setup would be Zipp 808 (lenticular) front and Mavic Comete (lenticular) rear disc.

I will bet right now, $100, that that setup will prove to be as fast or faster than the Io + Comete set. I'll leave this post up for any takers.

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