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I will not go with a belt drive for now, I heard about too many problems of people here with belts in winter. And a friend had 3 years ago problems finding a replacement belt after his snapped, he was in several shops and finally had to wait for weeks. So, in Europe with a milder clima and more IGH on the road, it sound good, here it seems not so much (here my Alfine is already exotic, some bike shops don't know how to handle them, people ask in the street what this is etc...)

Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
Narrow tire road bike in the summer.
Fat tire MTB (or similar) in the winter.
The roads are really broken here. In French, a pothole is a nid-de-poule, a chicken's nest. And in spring in Montreal, the holes in the streets are indeed as deep and large you can hide a few chicken inside. My current 28mm are ok, but not comfortable on these roads...

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Some bike hydraulic brakes use DOT fluid and some (notably for this thread, Shimano) use mineral oil, you want the former
Thanks! Which manufacturers would use DOT? Can levers of one brand be used with brakes of another, or only within a brand/series? Until which temperature works oil?
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