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The purpose of suspension systems is to keep your tyres in contact with the ground by responding to irregularities in the terrain, damping reduces vibration.

On a bicycle that lives on the street, the tyres should be able to do this without need for a suspension with some exceptions.

My Moulton runs 16 inch tyres at 90-100 psi and has a low travel front suspension and rear damper to keep these wheels firmly planted and the ride quality is rather exceptional... one would have difficulty running such small high performance wheels at high psi without it.

On a hybrid running higher volume tyres of larger diameter, a suspension just becomes added weight.

On a mountain bike suspension has great benefits as they see some really challenging terrain and keeping your wheels in contact with the ground and not having your fillings knocked out is a plus.

Bicycles like the Surly Pugsley run very high volume tyres that are 4-5 inches wide and don't need suspension systems either although I am seeing fat bikes with suspensions now and this really does not make a lot of sense.... it seems more like a marketing ploy than anything else as my Pugsley would go places a hardtail or full suspension bike would struggle with.
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