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Originally Posted by Harhir View Post
Thanks. I was not aware of that and need to look into that. That would make life a bit easier.
The professionals and the well equipped use one of these:

You put the tyre inside the beak and then put the ends around the axle between hub and stay. For the others there a these:

You have to put it through the spokes and it takes a bit more care because the tyre is not shielded from sharp bits like the axle and the ends might damage the chaincase.

I think both are not fit for aluminum frames, just because aluminum doesn't flex well. I don't use one much, a tyre change is not something I do regularly and on the occasion it might be a good idea to take the whole thing apart and do other work too. But for patching a flat, the only nuts I undo is the one that holds the valve in the rim and the one that closes the valve.

Originally Posted by well biked View Post
I think it's circular. They're great for people who are so into bikes that they're not really into bikes.
I think beeing into bikes has little to do with it. If you're into bikes that are practical for riding in normal clothes they are great. People who are really not into bikes often don't bother to have it repaired and exchange it for a simple open chain guard.

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