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I'm just glad to see another competitor. Personally I think Garmins are overpriced for what they provide relative to a smart phone or full blown laptop, or especially a raspberrypi. Not that a laptop or raspberrypi would make a good bike computer, but just general capability of tech per price point. I've been very happy with Lyzene Super Pro, despite another thread that's flagged some issues in general with Lyzene. Knock on wood I haven't seen those issues. Maybe ironed out in newer versions, and no manufacturer is immune to an odd firmware hiccup. You can find issue reports with Garmins as well. I've got about 6 weeks and one firmware upgrade (out of box available) into it. How does Garmin compare at same price point? They don't have one to compare. With Lyzene this is middle of the pack. It has everything I want today and features to grow into. What I use today: distance, mileage, maps (grey scale), turn by turn, breadcrumb, text/call notices, tracking (for my wife). In my opinion $150 vs $300 is a big deal, even though I could comfortably do more than $300 at face value. I'm a frugal person that doesn't need best in class (not going to argue who is) over more than adequate. This isn't my only hobby or interest, and I'm certainly not a professional athlete.
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