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Originally Posted by madpogue View Post , maybe? I have something similar (seat stay / cheerio version) on one of my hybrids, and the way it's set back helps a lot with heel clearance.

Plenty of love for the Pletschers over in the C&V section, and it would be at home on your frame.
SHHHH! Every time someone talks about Pletschers, Grand Bois comes around to trash them!

As for the Streamliner Rack, I'm considering it! It only comes in black though, so the consideration includes a chemical strip or a blasting to get the (assumed to be) powdercoat off of the aluminum. I'm estimating anywhere from $50 (sand and paint 'silver') to $85 (blasting) all in to get it where I want it. The only benefit I see to this rack is that the lower attachment spacing was specified as 124mm, which seems narrow, but probably works well with road bike 136-140mm outside spacing. A Pletscher is likely to be the cheapest option, and would probably play the nicest with the brakes. I can't say I'm in love with the 'shelf' on the back though. Randy's rack soothes the tiny OCD voice in my head with it's symmetry to the rear triangle. It's really little things, I should just build the bike and wheels up and ride...
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