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Going out to eat with bad tippers

I work with a bunch of people that are very cheap tippers. I hate going out to lunch with them because I always feel like I have to subsidize their lunches by throwing a few (or more) extra dollars into the pot so that the waitstaff gets an acceptable tip. The other day they threw in enough for tax and that was about it. Maybe a 5% or less tip. I'm not good at confronting people about their cheapness, so usually, I just drop a couple of extra dollars in, but I hate when my cheap lunch gets to be quite expensive (and if someone else is putting it on their card, they just take the cash and tip less). My usual plan is to just avoid going out to lunch with them, but sometimes (going away, celebrating big events, birthdays, etc.) the office lunch can't be avoided. What do you do in that sort of situation. Sometimes I have the same problem when visiting family too as the in-laws can occasionally be bad tippers as well.
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