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Originally Posted by Wordbiker View Post
If cheapskates were in the majority, no one would work for tips.
You really should travel and see how the rest of the world works. People don't work for tips, they work for a wage, or a salary if they study hard enough.

Originally Posted by Wordbiker View Post
As stated, try it sometime. I have, it is.
Diddums. Should I get out my violin? Lost of people work hard in crappy jobs, not just you.

Originally Posted by Wordbiker View Post
I work construction and have been tipped, and generously. It's not expected, but the job is much better than waiter so we suffer through.
Are you telling me you'd rather be outside sweating, getting skin cancer, lifting heavy objects and risking injury than taking food from a kitchen to a table? That may be a better job in your opinion, but I'd suggest plenty of people out there today would have disagreed with you. Besides, if their job really is that hard, I can always stay home and prepare my own food so they don't have to do it anymore.

Originally Posted by Wordbiker View Post
The happy ending costs extra.
Well, you're the expert on that.

Originally Posted by Wordbiker View Post
Perhaps you can inform all the restaurants you frequent of this so they can tack on a gratuity in advance.
Let them. I'd prefer they did it that way so I'd know what it was going to cost. Of course, then they take the risk that I might decide the extra amount isn't worth paying anyway (as would potentially a lot of other customers). Besides, aren't there laws against false advertising?

Originally Posted by Wordbiker View Post
Goody for them, perhaps they'll have a chance of surviving on their own income rather than on your taxes.
I have no qualms with people working for cash. I've done it myself in the past. Frankly, I'd prefer they did it that way rather than trying to fleece me out of a "tip".
I am clinically insane. I am proud of it.

That is all.

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