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Originally Posted by skijor View Post
I've worked in a kitchen and dated a few waitresses. I_like_cereal is spot on. To hold back a tip because you didn't get "exceptional" service is just sad...all to save what...a few bucks at that IHOP, or $5-10 at a nice restaurant? I'll ask for separate checks too if I'm wise to a few cheapskates in the crowd.

For tax purposes, tips are obviously treated differently in Oz than in the States.
I don't see it as "holding back" a tip. I see it as simply paying the advertised price. If a meal is advertised as $20, then that's what it costs. If someone wants $22 or $25, they should do something more to earn it. I have no problem paying extra if they've done something extra, but if it's just the standard service, then that's what the restaurant is entitled to. As explained by the irritated guy above, most of the money from the tips never finds it's way to the waiter or the waitress, so I wouldn't be doing much for them if I did tip more. If I get poor service, I simply don't go back to that establishment.

And yes, tips are treated differently for tax purposes in Australia. Here, people only pay tax on the tips they actually receive, which is largely because the majority of people in Australia don't tip, much like Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.
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