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Originally Posted by SparkyGA View Post
I have the opposite problem as a lot of people. I can't sleep very well indoors, but I sleep great when outside. Last night I slept on the floor of a Chinese train....

My best sleeps are when the temp is below -10C outside. For some reason my body enjoys freezing
A drop in body temperature helps you sleep. It's a well known trick if you have problems getting off to sleep to have a hot bath before retiring. I'm not sure why the drop in temperature works, but it does. On tour, you could try putting on your warmest clothes an hour or so before retiring, then stripping off and getting into an open, cooled sleeping bag. Unless it's life threatening temperatures outside, you'll soon make up the temperature while asleep in your bag.

As for pillows, Valleygirl, I think, put me onto the trick of taking a down jacket (not so useful in summer, but in the UK, you never know). You can wear it if it gets cold in the evening, and then put it in a stuff sack to act as a pillow.
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