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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
Here's your chance to talk about situations where you cycled or walked rather than using a motorised vehicle ... the usual and the unusual. Here's your chance to inspire others with actual examples of what's possible by bicycle or on foot.

Where did you ride or walk today?


Today, Rowan and I cycled over the bridge, to the Sustainable Living Expo. That was interesting ... but a bit commercial. It's almost like any business that can make any sort of vague sustainable claim turns up to these things to promote their business. But we did pick up some info for various things, including a bicycle co-op type of thing. I was quite impressed that the Expo had a secure bicycle storage area on the edge.

Then we did a loop through the city, back across the bridge, and along the cycleway to it's end and back, stopping off at the local outdoor exercise equipment (little gym) to work out. That equipment is close enough so we can either walk or cycle there. It's great to be able to work out in addition to riding or as the goal of a walk or ride.

All up today ... 27.29 km.

And we went to an event, did some exploring and sightseeing, and went to the outdoor gym without using a motorised vehicle. Nothing wildly impressive or anything ... just an example of what can be done.
I didn't do any "intentional" riding today, but still managed to put in a few miles. I went to a diner I like for breakfast. Then I went to the grocery store to buy fruit and a running shoe store to buy sweat pants. I stopped in at work for a few hours, went home, did a quick 3 mile run, then rode to a local pub to watch a football game. Over the course of the day, I ran three miles (5 km), rode about ten (16 km), and spent about six hours sitting on my a**. Oddly enough, the three miles of running hurt a little, and the ten miles of riding was so easy I might as well have been driving a car.
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