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Originally Posted by surreal View Post
And, of course, I sometimes make stops along the way to whichever destination is my ultimate goal. Which is something I also do by car, but I'm not as conscious about combining several sub-destinations if I'm driving, as compared to riding.
One of the things I've said for a long time, based on my experience using a bike as my primary means of transport as well as observing others doing the same, is that bike riders are quite good transportation planners. They build in a little bit of a buffer so if they have to fix a flat, they can without running late to appointments. And they either plan to take the required bags, trailer or bike to carry whatever loads they collect, or equally are adaptable at carrying stuff that they haven't planned for.

It becomes second nature after a while. I was always amused that I would turn up to meetings that could be anywhere across the metropolitan area, and be on or before time, while we had to wait for people in cars who were late "because of heavy traffic".
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