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I'm behind on giving feedback here. In fact, I have never done it. I think that is because every single transaction I have done on this board has been completely successful, no questions asked. It is really just a very good group of folks; best of any board I think.

So here is a list of everyone with whom I have had a successful transaction:
  • Chris W.
  • jjhabbs
  • Lascauxcaveman
  • hobbitman
  • rhm
  • Wheels Of Steel
  • sloar
  • cobrabyte
  • obrentharris
  • whatwolf
  • jstewse

A few people deserve special mention:
  • Chris W. is THE MAN. He really set up my buddy for whom I am building his first (real) bike by giving him a REALLY great sweetheart deal on some parts; just a really great gesture from a stranger; makes me feel good about the world for a second;
  • obrentharris is the only member I have had the pleasure of meeting. He came over on the ferry bearing a bushel of parts for cheap on his incredible Motobecane; one of the nicest bikes I have ever seen; and
  • Rabid Koala was slinking all through his garage at night measuring various seat tubes in a quest to find me the right size seat post for my Nishiki.

Thems good people. One love.

Jon in SF
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