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Originally Posted by windhchaser View Post
i figure if they use solinoids to controls valves they could change valve timeing more easy and get more mpg


It's an old idea that's still difficult to turn into reality.

Have you ever felt a valve spring?

They're quite stiff.
And they have to be to close fast enough.
Whatever technology you choose, driving the valves up & down fast enough requires considerable force.

Using "normal" car tech you end up with quite chunky solenoids.
And a bunch of engineering challenges on the drive/control side of the solenoids.
I saw a working prototype years ago.
It used high voltage solenoids.
Worked well enough as a stationary engine, but would have been hard to pack into a vehicle.
The rules & regulations regarding electrical installations alone would have been an obstacle.
But I'd assume the electrics that goes in electrical/hybrid cars would have made that less of a challenge today.
Another option would be to go cryo, superconducting.
That'd give some impressive valve performance.
But add Another bunch of complications.
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