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Wanna roll coal? I don't think so

I went out on my bike to the grocery store this evening. As the weather had cleared up (cool, with a moderate drizzle) I decided to add a little extra by cruising down by the river. I had proper lighting equipment for after dark - high powered front light, two rear blinkies - and was not in bike kit (wearing a dress, actually).

Right before the exit from the river drive out to regular streets, there were four large pickup trucks acting a bit squirrely. I tried to give them space while continuing to ride predictably. Two pulled out in front of me to leave - all good. Then, the one right in front of me decided to ROLL COAL. This wasn't an accident. I got it bad. I couldn't even see the truck in front of me, and I started coughing (the cough lasted a good two hours).

After that, the trucks made a sharp right turn onto a straight street, tires squealing. I ramped up to about 21MPH, getting close enough to get the license plate number of the coal roller. The other two trucks were still coming, so I pulled over and let them speed off while I wrote down the license plate number number and time of the incident.

Long story short, the police are on it. They're gonna have a little talk with the coal roller and ask him to cut it out. They're supposed to get back to me - if this individual throws any 'tude, then we'll look at getting him a nice little fine. As I told the police on the phone, I have no problem with folks having a bit of fun with their vehicles...out in the country! Hopefully the punks will get a good scare, and think twice next time before messing with a lil' lady on a bike.
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