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Since about 2004-2007 or so Turbo diesel pickup trucks have had SOOT filters(particle filters) to PREVENT Rolling Coal(geez never head that expression before)
The filters are periodically cleaned by the Fuel injection system pumping in excess fuel and air- to heat up and burn the filter screen clean

Only Illegally modified Turbo Diesel pickups are capable of SOOT PRODUCING that carcinogenic crap-it also causes other lung damage and will precipitate asthma attacks(many kids have asthma) and won't do chronic lung patients any good either.

The COPS or pollution cops should check their vehicles

Modern Turbo diesel pickups don't smell(that stench) sound(the awful "broken engine clatter") or look-the SOOT CLOUD like TD from just 20 years ago
The bigger exhaust pipe is the only give away that they are TDs-no stench no soot and barely any diesel clatter
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