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Originally Posted by ItsJustMe View Post
There are a lot of people who have old junkboxes that haven't been maintained since they day they were sold secondhand (if not when new), and they could never afford to bring them up to pass inspection. If they had to pass inspection regularly, it wouldn't be so onerous. I'm betting that in Michigan, at least 1/10 of the cars on the road would need repairs costing more than the value of the car to get them to pass an inspection.
I don't disagree completely. I'm more worried about the false negatives, the gremlins of a bug that doesn't affect driveability or pollutants or safety in anyway, but still lights up that CHECK ENGINE light and fails the car. Had that with an old Blazer, that went in a couple times to sort out. Finally figured it was a gas cap that wasn't sealing on the filler neck properly, that I could fix for many hundreds of dollars in costs for labor and a new tank, or I could just drive with no ill effects whatsoever. I chose the later, just resetting the light every few weeks when it popped on. I would be fine with pulling cars over and issuing fix-it tickets for visible emittants as a compromise.

Now, as one who works for an auto supplier who has an issue making this happen, the one I do wish they would roll in is mandated recall fixing. Shouldn't be able to register or transfer a car until all open recalls are fixed, as they cost the owner nothing and generally are serious defects.
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