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Originally Posted by ItsJustMe View Post
Oh heck I'd be happy to lobby for inspections, at least maybe every 2 years? It just needs to be a staged roll in. Like, if they enact it this year, it only applies to vehicles sold new this year and after.

There are a lot of people who have old junkboxes that haven't been maintained since they day they were sold secondhand (if not when new), and they could never afford to bring them up to pass inspection. If they had to pass inspection regularly, it wouldn't be so onerous. I'm betting that in Michigan, at least 1/10 of the cars on the road would need repairs costing more than the value of the car to get them to pass an inspection.
If they haven't been maintained since they were sold either second hand or new, then they probably shouldn't be on the road anymore. And isn't or shouldn't that be the purpose of an annual inspection? To get the cars that are unsafe off of the road?
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