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Five Ten shoes rubber compound grips flat pedals with pins like it's clipless in every direction other than pulling up...it's definitely the best flat shoe. You might be able to find other cheaper shoes from other brands.

Five Ten flat shoes:

The specific shoe I use because it was the most normal looking:

They're also coming out with a new "casual" shoe the Sleuth Dlx:

They're definitely not cheap ($125 or so), but it's worth it for me, the most comfortable flat pedals I've ever used (after trying several) are the DMR Vaults:

P.S. Shoe "stiffness" is a bit overhyped. People have tried comparing flats vs clipless in the lab and they can't even find a drawback with regular tennis shoes to flats. There's some argument over how precisely you can measure things in the lab vs riding outdoors, but if you're not measuring your time in seconds and milliseconds there's no difference.

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