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Originally Posted by Tourist in MSN View Post
Thanks. I will keep that restaurant in mind, but I would be leaving PEI on the bridge, taking the ferry to PEI.

Every photo of that tandem has a slightly different color. Yellow to orange to red. Are they all the same bike with just different camera settings?

I am planning on five weeks. I have mapped out a general route on my GPS with three bail out detours to shorten my route if my progress is less than planned.

Tentatively early June to early/mid-July. I usually like to start well before the tourist crowds and leave before the roads get really crowded. But my limited research tells me that the campgrounds should be open by then.

Looks like two, possibly three hills on Cabot Trail I will be walking the bike up the hills instead of pedaling. Otherwise, nothing looks too arduous.

A high of 10 degrees (C), I do not see that as a problem, but raining and 10 degrees does not sound very pleasant. It sounds a bit like some of the days I had in Iceland a few years ago.

Right now I would say that there is a 75 percent chance the trip will happen, but I keep running into logistical road blocks. My latest road block is that the hostel refuses to allow me to store my S&S backpack case while I am touring, even if I disassemble it to make it smaller. And am having problems scheduling airlines. I would say right now that there is a 25 percent chance that the trip will not happen.
Our tandem is 14yrs old and had an update late last year. Metallic bronze respray, Sram eTap shifters and derailleurs, double chainring instead of a triple, lightbicycle rims with CK hubs.
5 weeks sounds about right. We are looking at a similar time period. Itís a long flight for us to get to Halifax. We always spend the first 2 nights in a hotel to recover from jet lag and have never had a problem leaving the bag. We also book in for a couple of nights at the end so we get a chance to look around and I have plenty of time to repackage the tandem. Our bags are currently in storage at the Airbnb place we stayed at and will be back there in a few more days.
We donít walk up hills. We stop and admire the scenery let our heart rate recover a bit and keep riding. Going to change the current 50/34 front rings to 46/30 for our Italian trip in a few months and train like mad so I can manage the climbs.
Hope everything works out for you with the trip
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