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It only affects the south bank from Eldridge to DA so 97% or people won’t be affected. Only people who ride the Anthills trail. I think it’s a worthless project because it won’t help retain hardly any water but apparently for some bureaucratic BS they have to do this before any drainage fixes can happen in the neighborhoods because the water isn’t supposed to flow directly into the bayou —even though that’s how all the neighborhoods drain, so, wtf ever.
I appreciate them saying they will preserve trees and reforest but I’ll believe it when I see it. Once finished, I’m sure the trailblazers will make a nice cut through to connect the Anthills again.
Worst part is this was apparently in the works a long time ago but since HCFCD did a survey last year and the majority of people said flood control was their priority (duh?) this is the solution - which like I said will hold almost no worthwhile amounts of water or overflow.
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