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The Last Best Car Ever

I've been thinking about this subject for a few years now, and never really got down to asking anyone for an opinion, so I figure that it would be a good topic for the Foosters! So it goes like this...

All of the automobiles available today are rather complex - too complex, and too many gadgets and gizmos for anyone to maintain and repair on their own. AND the MSRP's keep rising with any little bauble they attach. I understand that auto manufacturers are in the business to make money, so continual improvement and continual upgrades and refinements are essential to have vehicles that out-sell the competition by offering more. Our world is all about more more more... but why can't the auto makers offer vehicles for those of us that want less less less?

Now you see, I'm no slouch in the mechanical trades. I'm a second-generation machinist, and I had a full career in the USAF as an aircraft mechanic. Lots of school. Lots of training. Lots of on the job experience. Retired now. But I'll tell you that all of these skills are wasted on vehicles that require thousands of dollars of electronic diagnostic machinery just to fix them. Why can I get a sustainable car, that won't rust out, that I can fix myself with simple tools, and parts are available anywhere and everywhere? Much like unicorns, they don't exist. The VW Beetle was the one vehicle that probably came closest to this criteria, but is found sadly wanting in several areas.

So here you have it. I'd love to get myself a decent older vehicle that can be fixed easily, and has parts still available. I would prefer something without fuel injection, but EFI or TBI or a simpler form of it would help with fuel efficiency and starting, etc.

Any ideas?

I was thinking that an old VW Jetta might be worthy. Oh, and I forgot to mention that a car with some level of class would be great; some kind of car that remains tasteful and doesn't look like a 3rd world wheelbarrow. The early Toyotas come to mind, but their parts are becoming rare now.

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