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Originally Posted by cb400bill View Post
90's Toyota Tacoma.
Funny you should say that, because that's more or less what I'm talking about. I worked for years with someone who had one - 1990, I believe. That thing had more miles than you could count, and it purred like a kitten. It was only a 2wd, but for longevity and ease of use it couldn't be beat. The only trouble is, I don't want to look like a redneck when I roll up somewhere. I want a car that has some sort of class and stylishness to it. Sorry, @dynodonn, a muscle car is, sadly, beyond the parameters of my wallet, and unless its absolutely perfect, I'd want to avoid the Joe Dirt Effect anyway.

Perhaps a decent compromise would be one of the early Landcruisers? A J60 model might just fill the ticket.
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