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I don't usually think about it but I actually did think about it early last week when I realized I really enjoyed the quiet of the bike and my surroundings. I leave my house at 5am and my 21 mile commute is through all relatively quiet roads.

Also sometimes a tiny details add to the day to day ... lately it was occasionally looking down at my fancy blue color disc brake rotor screws that I 'bling' bought and replaced last week and how they match my blue wheel hub :-)

Also the feeling of accomplishment and funny byproduct of using Strava I like the fact that I'm on top of the weekly leaderboard lists of the two groups that I am a member of. I'm up there with some seriously fit bikers who do one or two monster rides every week but I beat them as the days add :-)

P.S. but it's not all roses...on Tuesday we had a cold and rainy day and I arrived home hypothermic. So, I'm biking home, cold, wet, swallowing water and at the bottom of this hill is an immediate stop sign, I usually 'idaho stop it' because I can see there is no one around and it would be a significant job for my brakes to stop completely. So on this crappy rainy day I get passed by a Jeep Wrangler and as the Jeep stops at the stop sign I arrive, slow down, look left and right and continue on. The Jeep rolls down the window and some raspy lady yells at me "Hey the stop sign is there for You too! %^&^$ ... well she WAS right but I just could not believe she would be nice and warm and dry in her car and unload on a wet, cold, bicyclist on a rainy day. I just laughed in disbelief and continued happy on my merry way.

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