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Originally Posted by greatscott View Post
There is NO reason to spend anything over $50 for a jersey, all jerseys are made of 100% polyester, from $15 ones to $200 ones, so why bother, I've never noticed any difference in being hotter in one over another, or stinking more over another. Same is true with socks. Sure there is a possibility that a $150 jersey may last twice as long, but mine only lasted about 50% longer not 100% longer, but whatever, if it lasts twice as long and you get a jersey on sale for $35 well guess what? you come out ahead with the cheaper jersey. Expensive socks is a joke comparison too. HOWEVER, don't go cheap on your shorts, because good padding can make a huge difference in ride comfort. I always find $60 to $80 range of jerseys on sale for between $20 to $35 at the end of the road season, so if I need them that's when I buy them; I've never paid more than $35 for a jersey, but I put $50 just in case someone is looking for a particular style of jersey.
None whatsoever.(well, maybe if its a limited edition/collector's item?) Otherwise, there's a point of diminishing return and the curve drops off dramatically after that. Its the same with shorts. Although I might be convinced to add another $10 to that.
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