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Originally Posted by greatscott View Post
There is NO reason to spend anything over $50 for a jersey, all jerseys are made of 100% polyester, from $15 ones to $200 ones, so why bother, I've never noticed any difference in being hotter in one over another, or stinking more over another.
Just because YOU don't/cannot notice a difference doesn't mean there are not differences. The weave and material thickness, among other things, play a big roll.

I have gotten a good number of jersey from fundraising events over the years. There are DEFINITELY differences between them as a set and them vs. other jerseys I have either purchased or have been given. Those differences become amplified in hot, humid conditions. It's actually a good thing because temperatures tend to, you know, vary. I have my cool temp jerseys, by moderate temp jerseys and my hotter than all get out jerseys.

As for them all being polyester and feeling the same temperature-wise, the whole thicker, warmer, more expensive winter jersey conspiracy has just been exposed.

P.S. "Because I want to" is a reason for me to spend more than $50, as if I needed one.

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