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Originally Posted by allout1 View Post
The best security for bikes is the cheapest bike 100%. The cheaper the bike, the lesser they'll like. You have to really lie to yourself to steal a cheap ole bike. LOL Even when it's not chained up.

That's my policy, and it's fine. I just swap parts, buy accessories, and keep a very light combination cable that springs up into a coil on me only for the fellers that say, "Hey, goin' joy ridin', boys. Lookey seeeeeeee." And away they go, dump the ole b off in a ditch, and no one knows the better. So a $7 cable.

Security is not in the price you pay but in the price you do not.
I suppose there are 2 ways of tackling this dilema.

One is that we risk loosing our nice things and thus invest in extra security measures. The other is that we give up having nice things all together. I see your perspective but I'm more inclined towards the former. What's the point of going to work and having money if I can't buy myself nice things with it?

If someone steals my bike, that's too bad, I'll be sad about it but then I'll just buy all the components and stsrt over again.

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