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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
Bar tape has no gender, but it would be silly and obtuse to pretend or claim some colors aren't socially associated with one gender or the other.

As for gender being a silly construct...there is simply no reason to bring this into a discussion on the color of bar tape.
But since you did...gender, while popularly called a social construct right now, is simply biological gender. Mammals being Male or female in gender.
The social construct is actually the expectations and norms certain societies place on genders. And sure, the expectations societies place on gender are fluid and ever changing, so I could see someone viewing said expectations as silly.

Gender expectations = silly
Gender = biology

But I get that all I said isn't in line with currently popular gender theory.

Yes some people still believe that certain colors are somehow gendered but there are people who believe that the Earth is flat, Elvis is alive working at a Denny's in Fresno and George Washington defeated the red coats at LAX (it was LaGuardia).

The reason I brought up the silly construct of gender is because someone decided that a pattern is "girly" which is ridiculous. Same thing with the whole binary everyone has to conform to male or female check the box wham bam thank you either sir or mam no exceptions. It is a thing that just doesn't matter. Be who you are and that is all that really matters. I see no need to check a box or make things so rigid except maybe around the bottom bracket area where you want to combat flex while pedaling.

Also if we are going to stick with rigid definitions for gender what about Male seahorses? If throughout biology females have babies why is it that in this particular instance seahorse biology is different from everyone else?
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