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Official BF Eroica California 2020 Roll Call!

Ok, time to check in for Eroica California 2020 registrations. I'm collating separate CR and BF attendee Google spreadsheets (and yes, there will be some overlap) to gauge attendance and interest for the 2020 event. I hope everyone has encouraged someone they know or met to attend and ride. Hopefully, we'll exceed the 900+ Classic Eroica riders and the 200+ NOVA Eroica riders of 2019. I understand that many of the teething problems of last year’s first time in Cambria are being addressed so let’s support the ride organizers, and the Cambria organizers to make this 2020 event a great one!

I strongly suggest volunteering in some capacity this year to help things run smoothly. With over a thousand participants, your help can go a long way to making the event go smoother. I’ll post links for that later in the thread.

For the purposes of the spreadsheet please list the following info. You can copy, fill in and paste the info below to your reply if that makes it easier. If you wish to send it to me privately, please send to mech986 at Yahoo dot com or in a direct private message. All information will remain confidential. Ifyou wish to be contactable from other members who don't already have your info, let me know. I will furnish links to anyone in the group who would like to see the spreadsheet. I'll try to publish an abridged version without contact info here to advise who is on the list although editing is difficult.

1. First name, Last name, CR or BF name, email address (optional), phone number (optional), City, State. If you already gave me your email or phone previously, state “sent prev” And I’ll pull from last year’s info.

2. Route (35 Piedras Blancas (PB), 75 Santa Lucia (SL), 82 La Villa Dello Scalatore (LVDS), 110 Heroic (H) ).

3. Primary Riding Bike - year, Make, Model. Color (optional). Additional Bikes for Display (DIS) or Concours (CC).

3A. New info request this year - F/R gearing (Ex. 52/42/26 - 14-32 5 speed), Tires and sizes (ex. - Compass Bon Jon Pass EL 700Cx35), How good a climber are you - (Exc, Good, Fair, Poor, Flats only!)

4. Planned dates of arrival and departure and Where you be staying? If you need help with or wish to share accommodations, please state what you are looking for - room, house, camping, and which local town (Cambria, Cayucos, San Simeon, Paso/Templeton or SLO.). We can use this thread or start another thread to assist with matching up folks and needs.

5. Any additional activities - Volunteering, Swap vendor, Display, concours, judging, pre-race rides, Friday BBQ or Saturday Eroica Cena dinner, etc.

Thanks for all your input and hope to see everyone who is attending. I hope everyone has already sorted out their ride and dinner reservations on the new myeroica.cc site.

I know it will be a lot of fun, suffering, and a true challenge.


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