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Originally Posted by CyclingFever View Post
Lift weights to increase bone density and testosterone levels. Long aerobic efforts on the bike are like the worst things for bone density and testosterone.
I dunno. Personally I do both. I lift for a couple hours/week in winter and ride 6-8. Cycling is my primary sport, not weights. It's true that it's easy to lose bone density over the decades from too much cycling, not enough weights. My mom had really bad osteoporosis and never did anything aerobic, so it's not predictive. This study looks at a worst case scenario: post-menopausal women initiating aerobic training, examining changes in bone mineral density:
Thus, although 12 months of aerobic exercise training did not result in significant increases in forearm or lumbar BMD, training attenuated lumbar BMD loss in women who were <6 years of the onset of the menopause.
My wife would disagree with you about your latter claim. My last Sunday ride was 115 miles and 8100', averaged 15.1, 74 y.o. That's a lot of aerobics. In fact it's well known that the circulatory benefits of aerobic training greatly outweigh any possible attenuation of T.
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