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Originally Posted by bobwysiwyg View Post
There was a custom built (think big $$$'s) color TV camera on the command module but only B/W made it to the surface on the Apollo 11 mission.
Only B/W was broadcast due to the bandwidth and power available. It was known as a "slow scan" signal. Consider the transmitter power available from the LEM and the distance the signal had to go. And bear in mind that electronics at that time was quite crude compared to your smartphone of today. The signal was then converted to a standard broadcast TV scan signal. The conversion also added "noise." That "conversion," may indeed have been a standard TV camera looking at the received signal on a NASA monitor. That arguably would be the easiest way to do it.

This was all "pre-microprocessor," the first microprocessor came out in 1971, as a 4 bit 4004 chip. Everything done for Apollo was based on individual IC gates... the "computer" that kept sending alarms during the luner descent was about the equivalent of a hand held calculator.

50 years ago. Think about that. Most home TVs used vacuum tubes at that point. My family only had a B&W TV.

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