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Not the Elemnt, but Strava. If the GPS is reading any speed from any source, Strava counts it as moving time. I've walked my bike through my wife's office, about a minute walk, during which the Bolt screen says AUTO-PAUSED and the speed reads 0mph, but Strava happily tacks on that 60 seconds. Because even if you have your sensor priority for speed set to the wheel speed sensor, the GPS is still active. Strava goes with the GPS, even though it tends to be less accurate.

Trust me, if I could cheat out more meaningless speed via GPS trickery, I just might. It 100% won't affect segment times, which are purely measured time between two GPS points. Which is also why you can get a faster time at a lower speed-- sometimes GPS latency is in your favor, sometimes it isn't. In my case, almost always isn't. I have one leaderboard segment where my average recorded speed is about 5mph faster than my top speed. I'll take it. I've lost more than my fair share of podiums to other folks GPS anomalies.
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