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I broke the code, or broke myself, or broke the trainer bike.......I finally got the 2 sets of 3x3 @ 350w.

I had a coworker talk to me a few minutes during the 2nd set rest, so once he left I decided to start the 2nd set over again to get all 3x3 in a row properly.

Meaning, overall it was 7 total reps.

It was a weird feeling today. Usually in the last minute it's a feeling of the energy is about to disappear and grind to failure. This hopeless feeling of not being able to "will it" to the finish. Today, until the very last reps, it felt like something happened during that last minute where it hurt but the energy was still there. Could feel something "kick in". Hard to explain. Almost like body found some resources to pull from today it didn't have before.

I did drink some gatorade on the workout today. Not convinced it was that. It's short enough workouts water is fine and only water 90% of the time. Just wanted some flavor flave since the fruit bowl was full of horribly un-ripe fruit choices.
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