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Originally Posted by Flatballer View Post
What does your interval route look like? I haven't found a good one here yet. Everything has stop signs and lights constantly, I can't find anything long enough for 4 minutes, let alone 8 or 16 I'd like to be doing.

The best I've found (using Strava heat maps) is an approximately 1 mile loop in a neighborhood that doesn't have lights or stop signs, but there's 800 driveways and I'd feel weird riding laps for 45 minutes at high speeds.

It's a new road that got put in for a housing development. Only about half the houses have been built yet, so it's relatively light traffic. About 4 miles and 2 stop signs that are usually clear and good visibility. Flat and runs SW-NE, so pretty much right inline with the prevailing wind, especially in the afternoon. I used to do them on the bike path, but that's farther away from the office and the house.
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