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I crashed on Sat, not sure what happened, I was just riding casually with some friends on our way out of town. I think it was a pavement issue. I don’t remember what happened, I hit my head pretty badly and cracked my helmet in two pieces. Apparently I was coherent enough to assist in calling my husband.

Went to the emergency room, got a neg head CT and discharged with a diagnosis of a concussion. I was home for a couple of hours and then started feeling worse and worse, then I lost consciousness for 1-2 minutes and then back to the ER.

Second head CT, and new CTs of chest, abdomen, pelvis, plus radiographs of my left hand and chest, continuous EKG, & echocardiogram and an overnight hospital stay yielded only the additional diagnosis of a right rib fracture +/- left pinky fracture.

Ive been feeling pretty terrible up until today when I suddenly feel significantly better. Hopefully back to work on Monday. I see my doctor tomorrow so hopefully will have more info.

Got the new dropper today, it’s pretty swell but makes me sad because how long will it be before it’s “ok” to risk cracking my head again? A while, so I’m not going to be able to make use of it for awhile. My Mammoth Clinic is out (and there goes my $400 Registration down the drain). I’m doubtful for the Girlz Gone Riding Women’s mtn bike weekend in 4 weeks, will the rib still be sore then? Ugh. I was wanting to up my mtb game this summer and move back to TTing in the fall. I may need to rethink.

Shopping for new MIPs helmets.
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