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Too lazy to drive out of town. Faster in town Tues ride was washed out, so did the slower Thur ride. I made most of it. Did a few group chores along the way to increase the training stimulus. Grab the traffic circle so the group makes it through in one shot, then chase on. Dropped back to bridge a guy back on, but he couldn't hold the wheel and fell off. Then I got back on.

Once the group togetherness was over when we reached the hills of the last couple miles back I broke for it. Was a good application of some recent training.

Bet the farm on trying to beat my own KOM and was way up on power, but just couldn't hold it to the finish of the segment. Another day. It was near the end of the ride, and when I had grabbed that KOM earlier in the year I was really fresh in a ride. Power this time before bailing I was up 70w.

I think I need to learn how to apply power better for those tries. I think when it is steep I give it way too much extra versus when it levels out. If it's a 2min hill with a wall in the first 200 yards........I'll totally throw 600 at the wall then try to hold on the rest of the way. Probably not the fastest way to do that.
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