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^ Wait, do we know each other irl @tobukog and I just didn't realize it?

Also "raced" The RH series this weekend.
10" into the scratch (turn1) a fellow clipped a pedal, taking down a few of us. Chopped up my ear and banged up my shoulder (no doctor visit yet... hoping it's not too bad) took a little time to collect myself / bandage up / make sure the bike was sound... back in the win&out... took it pretty easy towards the back as I wasn't 100% sure of my shoulder, took a long flyer/solo tt for 4th. Still a bit of sketchy riding happening (3/4 race) in the points race... put a big effort in for the prime, then sat up and pulled out.

Saturday couldn't get into aero position for the timed events. Arm held out ok for regular drops though. Did a (mediocre - didn't really want to push my luck) flying 200 and sat out the match sprints since it would have meant some of us had to do a 3 man. (odd number)

Afterwards myself and @topflightpro were going to do a match for fun... he rolled his tire in t3 and unfortunately broke his clavicle (and maybe more?) - keep him in your thoughts :/

Not a great weekend unfortunately
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