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Originally Posted by Tourist in MSN View Post
If you buy in Italy, you are likely paying a VAT tax. If you bring a bike to Italy to keep it there for more than 90 days from outside the EU, you might have to pay a customs duty when you bring it in. That is something you may want to research.
Value-added-tax collected on items purchased by typical tourists who are non-EU residents is refundable at the time of export, but it's a hassle. Perhaps worth it for a large purchase like a bicycle because VAT in Italy is something like 24%.
Here are the rules: Going to Spend Big Money in Italy? Here's How to Get a VAT Tax Refund! - GRAND VOYAGE ITALY

Of course, the longer you live and work in Italy, the more likely you are to be regarded as a resident of the EU, and your rights to refunds might fizzle out. I'm sure there's a rule.....

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