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Originally Posted by conspiratemus1 View Post
Well, likely you had/have an honest face and demeanour and they correctly pegged you as a non-smuggler (other than the salami.)
There were two lines at the airport, I was in the line for those that checked one or more boxes yes on the form, yes I had food with me.

The woman next to me in line was a teacher that had been chaperon for a group of high school students that had been on farms in S America as part of their studies of ag practices in S America. She honestly checked the box yes that she had been on a farm in a foreign country recently. But she commented to me that the couple dozen students all in her charge checked the boxes no, so the students were all in the fast lane. And she was worried that the students and other chaperons with the students did not have the paperwork for their next flight because she had all the paperwork, yet she was separated from them. The part I found most humorous was that I could see several of the students were eating while standing in the fast line and the only place you could have obtained any food to eat was from outside the country, yet they all checked the box no saying that they had no food.
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