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I usually skim some of the long reviews, some of the 5 stars, some of the 1 stars and look at the most recent (in case of product changes). Specific details as they relate to me are good. I don't tend to buy off amazon if the seller AND shipper are not both amazon - been burned by that one too many times. Even though I have prime, I like having it put the delay on shipping. I get the 1 buck digital credit that I rarely use, but I'm rarely in a hurry and occasionally find the same item/something better cheaper and am glad for the time to cancel that I don't get if I do the fastest free shipping option. For example, I found what appeared to be a decent deal on something I'd been wanting on amazon last night, so I ordered it, but then today got a notification that I'd a bid on eBay that I'd forgotten about was the high (and only) bid for a much nicer version of the same thing. Nice to be able to go back and cancel the amazon order since they hadn't gotten around to shipping it.
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