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Originally Posted by Smitty2k1 View Post
Cheap Ortlieb in Europe you say?! Now you have my interest perked... I'm definitely in the market for a front bag setup of some kinda. Don't know if I want low rider panniers or a large handlebar bag. Already got a set of backpackers and a Ortlieb grocery pannier for the rear.

Thanks for the suggestions guys!
Here is an example of why my comment on Ortlieb price in Europe. If you type in Germany as location, the price for these panniers is 104.90 Euros which includes VAT.,307;page=13

If you type in USA as location, the price drops to 88.15 Euros because VAT is excluded. But the page says they will not ship to USA, so the price they list is pretty much meaningless.

As of the time I type this in, the current exchange rate makes 88.15 Euros equal to $97.57 USD.

At REI you would be paying $190 USD, but you can get that price down with some internet shopping from other sellers.

Each European seller has different policies on shipping costs, some UK sellers will provide free shipping with a large enough order. Bike24 which I listed above usually has a 20 Euro shipping charge to USA, but even with that high a shipping charge, you can save a lot with them on large orders but unfortunately not on Ortliebs.

If you buy a bunch of Ortlieb stuff in Europe, that could be a heavy bag you bring back, recall my comment on a luggage scale.
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