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Originally Posted by no motor? View Post
I don't write many reviews, but the ones I do write are usually 5 star or 1 star when I have strong feeling about something. I figure it's not worth my time for the things I feel meh about, why bother with that?

Well if I use the review to make my decision -- and it turns out to be correct or incorrect -- then I feel obligated to support it or set the record straight. I particularly appreciate those reviews that give details and not just say things like "it fits me". Or my "husband" like wearing them all the time.

For example, I just bought a new office chair (something I've been needing for a while now) and some one else wanted to know how tall the chair was from the seat to the ground. First I give my subjective opinion, then I offer the exact measurements along with my measurements and build.

Now they know exactly how tall it is or how wide it is. With clothes, one picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of it fits tight or loose, seeing how it fits along with the reviewer's measurements gives the reader a lot more information, than just someones saying tight or loose. One site even did that with one of there models. That's a vendor I can really appreciate.

BTW, if you look closely at the office chair in the vendor's photo its slightly different from the one I purchased. For example, the legs are black but mine are silver. There is also a separate lumber piece, and the headrest tilts, but does not lower/lift.

These are the things where people should be careful. Others might not be lying but giving advice for a different product than the one you see advertised. I haven't submitted anything on the printer thus far, because I haven't used enough of its features yet.
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