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-Someone forgot to tell the weatherman that the normal central WI wind is from the SW. That would have helped me. Kris didn't need it.

-Jens Voight was there, and admitted it was the longest ride he'd been on. Ever. (he did say that riding around with his wife sometimes seems as long)

-When 1000 bikes turn on their headlights all at once at 4:55 am, it's pretty cool.

-When 1000 bikes string out along a dark curvy rural road in total darkness, it's very cool. It was quiet, it was a nice dancing light show, and it was something I'll not forget.

-We'll be back. As you can see in the pic, we "created" another member of Vintage Sloths, and she just happens to have an '86 Fuji to go with her Canyon. Her jersey is on order. I might add she rode a 650c bike with a compact crankset. Try spinning that over 200 miles.

-There were four steel bikes there: a Serotta (SAG'd at 103), a Trek 414 almost identical to the one @seedsbelize has (SAG'd around 103), and our two Paramounts. As a rider passed us, he glanced over at Kris's '91 and said "beautiful bike." I asked, "what am I, chopped liver?" Guy said "yes," and rode away.
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