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I've determined, that, as a quasi-adult, I should have done things differently.

1-After 700 miles in May, 1070 in June, I took 2 weeks off until RAIN (mid-July) and then only rode twice until RAW (mid-August). A lot of that had to do with my work schedule. A lot.

2-For RAIN, I had more sleep prior, no alcohol use that week, and the logistics were less demanding, as far as driving, etc.

3-Before RAW, I worked long hours, and then drove a ton, getting maybe 8 hours total sleep in the two days prior to the event, combined. I'll take a lesson from RAIN and simply take off work a day or two earlier, so the energy it takes "just to get there" is less. I'm also pretty wiped out today, having arrived at 1 am.

4-Because of the RAIN "weather beating," I have more positive "I'll do this again" thoughts about RAW than RAIN. Despite the much longer distance, looking back at it has much less dread then thinking of riding across Indiana again on a hot day. Still, I'll do both if I can. Sandwiched between them is Michigan's cross-state ride. Now there's a thought....

5-I rode a carbon saddle in RAIN. Not a huge problem, until I pulled out my bibs for RAW. Sliced through on one side. Carbon is sharp when you rub the edges all day, I guess.

6-I think I can actually prepare a bike. Both were flawless. No issues on RAIN, or RAW. Kris was running 8sp Campy (I never heard him shift), and I was running 9sp DA. Our bikes were dead quiet compared the e-Tap we were riding with. The ball bearing hubs rolled downhill really nice, right past the buzzers.

7-The main thing is that @hodgykins kicked ass. The distance and long day makes things so surreal, the return to normalcy is odd. You pull back into his driveway, and his daughters just say "hey, Dad." Like no big deal. It was a big deal.

8-I forgot to mention, no lunch. We rolled into the 130m stop, which was supposed to have lunch. Nope, out of food, as the 2-day folks and the 130-is-enough 1-day folks (wise) had eaten it all. They told us to wait; they'd gone for more. We waited 40 minutes. I had a beer. The food never showed. As grown-ass adults, we simply should have rode over to the Culvers (yes, this is Wisconsin) for some curds and some meat, handled it, and rolled on. We didn't.
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