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Originally Posted by Winfried View Post
I didn't check the gear range, but out of curiosity, isn't the three-chairing + three-sprocket cassette + BWR gear hub a bit overkill?
Depends on one's situation. When riding around home during fair times of the year, I would use only two top rings. In winter I would use only two lower rings. During the last 2 years I worked for one month per year in Rwanda. I would ride on my next lowest gear just to get out from my work site to the street. Rwanda is on the continental rift in the footsteps of Kilimanjaro, with no bridges or tunnels to level out height differences. Even to get around the capital you need to climb steep hills over and over, with distances counted in the number of hills you need to climb. With all my gears maybe I did not need to ever walk up in the city due to gradients but if went outside I would still need to walk up occasionally.
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