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I can't wear cycling goggles over my glasses, any suggestion?
Originally Posted by curbowman View Post
I am short-sighted, so I need to use corrective glasses all the time and I haven't been able to find cycling goggles that can be wear over my glasses. I am afraid someday a bug or a small rock could hit my corrective glasses and damage them.

Unfortunately, the contact glasses I can use are no longer available here in Venezuela, so it's back to standard glasses for me.

If you know a brand of cycling goggles that can be worn over corrective glasses, please share a link on this thread. I thought I could also look for helmets with a visor that fits over my glasses, but I haven't found any around here. Any suggestion will be helpful. Thank you!
Originally Posted by Skipjacks View Post
How about safety glasses that you'd use while operating machinery or working in a chemical lab?

They aren't made for cycling. But they are clear and usually come in sizes specifically made to fit over eye glasses.

In the USA they are at every Home Depot. Not sure how readily available such a thing would be in Caracus.
I have frequently posted about safety goggles, particularly for Winter, but also as general eye protection:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
I perennially post about my winter eyewear for my 14 mile year-round commute, from about 35 down to as low as 0. I must wear my prescription eyeglasses, and fogging is one of the worst dangers of winter riding. I am entirely satisfied with my system:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
…for eye protection is a pair of simple, wide, plastic industrial goggles that I suspend from my cycling cap using Velcro around the nosepiece. The goggles sit very comfortably on my face securely in place even though my ears are covered.

The earpieces then provide a rigid mount for my eyeglass-mounted Take-a-Look mirror. The goggles allow sufficient room for my prescription eyeglasses, and are widely ventilated to carry away the exhaled moisture preventing fogging...

I realize now that my goggles and face mask are actually an integrated system of heating and ventilation that keeps my face warm and my vision unencumbered by fogging. The windscreen of the goggles is so effective in keeping my eyes warm that my eyelids actually perspired because my central core body was so warm, and my eyes never got cold, even on those fast windswept downhill runs...
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
As a public service announcement to my fellow cyclists, today I suffered a corneal abrasion. I did an 18 mile commute this morning into a moderate headwind but otherwise uneventful. I wear eyeglasses and had no problems with anything blowing into my eyes.

About one half hour after arriving at work, and just sitting quietly at a meeting, my eye felt like it had a particle in it. I saw no foreign material in the eyelid, nor did anyone else, and it was not relieved at an eyewash station. I was lucky enough to get an appointment with an eye specialist at about an hour after the onset, and he did identify some black particles, and diagnosed the abrasion. From an online medical textbook:…
Originally Posted by Up-to-Date.com
….Patients with a foreign body may or may not recall an episode with material falling or flying into the eye since, depending upon the type and size of the foreign body, symptoms may not be immediate, or they may be immediate, then abate for awhile, then recur….

Patients may have had severe pain for several hours by the time they seek care. They are visibly uncomfortable, pacing or rocking or rubbing the eye, and they can be disruptive to a waiting room. ..

Most corneal abrasions heal regardless of therapy in 24 to 72 hours. Vision should return to normal in that time,
My eye doctor claimed 24 to 48 hours to recovery, and my colleague (female), who asked me if I poked myself with an eyeliner wand, claimed she has gotten better overnight.

I wasn't able to work today as it was difficult even to just keep the uninvolved eye open because that irritated the affected eye. The eye doctor didn't think a patch would be useful, though I used an improvised one for a while until I realized it was probably further abrading the cornea. I was given an antibiotic ointment and I've spent most of my day with my eyes closed.

I took Alleve for the pain, and have some heavy-duty analgesics available if I need them to sleep tonight. Pain management to get over the initial phase is discussed in that article...
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
[after a crash]…with abrasions on my arms, knees, and a couple ugly ones on my face; and a gash about 1 inch long requiring 18 stitches to close. But not to worry, I’m OK, though I haven’t checked out the bike.

I think my brand new eyeglasses made the gash. Ironically, since I had a corneal abrasion a few weeks ago I have been wearing goggles over my eyeglasses and I have to wonder if the goggles pushed the eyeglasses into my face...
I decided the goggles were probably not necessary after that, except in Winter.

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