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I have gout, (well periodically) never heard of Allopurinol until today, it is to reduce the production of uric acid. This is what has worked for me. Don't get dehydrated, don't get stressed out. Yeah sometimes hard to do, but don't get dehydrated, stressed out and drink a bunch of beer. I had a bunch of attacks, then when the opportunity arose to give up my lead job at work, I jumped on that one. Same pay, no stress, those fools can waste money any way they want, at least I can walk. I was prescribed colcrys and indomethacin and when I feel it coming on, I take them. For me the bottom line seems to be not caring at all how my employer group wastes money and not getting dehydrated. Simple as that! My office can get pretty hot, upper 70s easy. All the people and computers. Sounds simplistic but there is a stress element to gout. Oh yeah, sometimes my wife helps me get all stressy, forgot that part.

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