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we're not quite at the family cycling stage (daughter is just 4mos and NE winter is soon approaching), but i found my chariot trailer for a steal of a deal (60% off), and took the hefty plunge. it hauls all of our laundry to the laundromat (3 double loads and family-size detergent, etc.), and in jogger mode—while it's a bit of an obnoxious SUV on our local trails—there's no question that our daughter is in some baby wheeled-blissed-out-zen environment (i simply pull over to the side when other hikers are coming).

there was some question as to how the trailer would work with my commuter, since i have disc brakes. the QR and arm fit fine (it's a bit tight under my rear-rack, but it does fit), but the safety strap is too close to the disc rotor, and rubbed on several occasions when i was testing it; i simply attached the safety strap to the rear-rack, which is not ideal and surely not condoned by the legal-types at Chariot, but accomplishes all of the same tasks (the rack is stronger than the weak piece of nylon cord they use for a safety strap). and of course, under load, the disc brakes work flawlessly for stopping—no rim brake uncertainty!

i also found that my rear sks fender is just slightly short of being long enough to prevent kick-back. i found very minor particle matter coming off of the rear wheel—nothing of any concern, a few pieces of dried leaf that floated in past the screen—but i'd feel better if it were nothing at all, so i think i'll install a mud-flap on the end of the fender. i can't imagine riding without fenders, unless the front plastic guard was down.

finally, for those in apartment life, the Chariot folds down significantly, which is to say that it goes from the size of a Smart car to a folded-up Smart car (hyperbole), and which is also to say it still takes up *a lot* of storage space. it'd be easier if we had a proper garage; but we don't. Even so, i fit it into our largish storage closet (along with the bikes), just barely.

All things considered, i'm very excited about the prospects for this coming spring!

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